Truly beautiful and unique handcrafted jewelry made using wire in an age-old technique.   


Dog Cameo set in 14K GF

 Jewelry is made from Sterling Silver, Argentium Silver or 14K Gold filled

 using gemstones, my own handcrafted glass lampwork beads or cameos.

 Wire Jewelry is an emerging art form yet again.  Age old techniques are resurfacing as people realize just how versatile and classy  is a piece of jewelry made from wire.  

Pamper yourself with a totally unique item.

 Quality jewelry at an affordable price and handmade in the USA (Yakima, Washington) from the finest materials.


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Sylcraft Handmade Beads, Jewelry, Gifts

Here are some examples of wire jewelry made from Sterling Silver or 14K Gold filled materials.

Also see some Fashion earrings made from less expensive materials yet still just as elegant.

Handcrafted Rings in many styles including Gemstone rings


14KGF Peridot Handmade bead ring

Knot Ring




Handcrafted Bracelets from Sterling Silver or 14K GF (rolled gold). This bracelet can be made from Pearls, Gemstone beads or other beads.  These wire bracelets are very beautiful. Pictures just don't do them justice. If you'd like to learn to make your OWN wire bracelets I do give classes. Just contact me for more information.

Handmade Sterling Silver bracelet



Handmade Necklaces-

Pendants and more in Sterling Silver and 14K Gold Filled.  

(Also available in 14K Gold however the price is considerably more)

Hematite and Sterling Silver pendant




Many styles and types. Sterling Silver, 14K Gold Filled,

Fashion Earrings in Silver and Gold Plate.

Quality with elegance and style.

Swavorski drop earrings


Magnetic & Copper Therapy Jewelry

Ruby and Hematite Magnetic bracelet



Incredibly detailed Handmade Glass Lampwork Beads 

(also used in many items of finished jewelry in you prefer to purchase already made jewelry)

Orca Whale Aquarium bead


Personalized Name Jewelry-

Pendants, Pins, Initials all made just for you in your name or initial.

From Sterling Silver or 14KGF or Argentium Silver (resisits tarnishing)


Jennifer personalized name pendant

 Handmade wire jewelry is an art form in itself. The making of wire jewelry goes back to before the days of the Egyptians and some of that jewelry is still around. It's amazing how a piece of jewelry made with no solder can be sturdy enough to last centuries but it's true.

 A friend of mine has a piece of jewelry that was made in the 1930's. It still looks as good as it did then. With a little care your's should last too.

Wire jewerly is very popular right now. When I first started no one had a clue of what I was making but as the years have gone by people re-discovered this art form much like they have rediscovered the glass bead making art form which was a highly guarded secret in Italy.

 Wire jewelry can be made from nearly any type of wire. Many people practice with brass and copper and then go on to the more expensive Silver and Gold however you do not have to. You can stick with brass, copper or nickle if you are not allergic to nickle. If you use jewelers brass wire it looks much like gold and makes very nice jewerly. New wire is being developed just for this art form now in Plated Silver or Silver Filled which is much less expensive than the precious metals nowdays, but you still get a nice piece of jewelry which will last very well if taken care of.


 Argentium Silver is a nice metal. It resists tarnish because of the alloy with Germanium and makes nice name jewelry.

I will be adding to this site as I have the time and will be putting up tutorials and articles on wire jewelry.

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